About premium closings ...

About premium closings ...

Figured out we TERRIBLY needed a blog post about the Premium closings available in our shop, and so here it is !

First of all let's talk about the Cobra buckle for collars :

- it is available now in Black and Silver finish for the 25mm and Black for 38mm

- it has a 250-450 kg force braking force and is the most secure and easy to use of them all

- for all closing types available visit our Blog post 

 *FOR SHORT: easy to use and super safe.

! 25mm cobras are very lightweight, 38mm cobras are only for large/giant dogs or with a wide powerful neck !


And the Premium carabiner for our leashes is called Autolock carabiner. Again, all I can say it is that it is very safe, durable and easy to use - Watch the video :


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Can’t wait for our new collars with cobra buckles to arrive! Secure and fashionable, the perfect fit for our pittie and american bully!

Oana Cerbănescu

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