How to choose the perfect collar closing for you adventures ?

How to choose the perfect collar closing for you adventures ?

Today is about collars !

First, how to measure for a collar :

Take a tape measure and put in around your dogs head, around the ears, on the widest part of the head. After this, do the same on the middle-upper part of the neck. 


Second, how to choose a proper closing for your pup and adventure style:

1. Adjustable / Belt tipe / Biothane adaptor: 

This means you have a "belt type buckle ", and you collar is adjustable by holes ( when biothane or biothane adaptors are used ) or directly into the paracord ( in braided collars like the Dragon)


- very good to use on puppies, dogs that tend to shed a lot, dogs that have a lot of skin under their necks, or dogs that tend to go up or down in weight.

- you don't have to be very specific when measuring


- it is only as strong as it's weakest link - this being either the rivets in the collar or the needle of the belt type buckle.


2. Martingale type collar :

This type of collar is what we mostly use for our paracord collars. It means that the collar does not open, but simply slides on your dog's head and neck.


- the most reliable collar in terms of safety you can have. The paracord ones are virtually indestructible, I can not see any week points in them ( this because our rings are cast in molds and not welded - i have NEVER had one break, even when used on our horses )

- i have a lot of experience with measuring and making them so really they do not fit.

- it is very easy to use

Cons :

- not ok for dogs that are head shy

- they can not be made smaller if they are too big !

3. Cobra style closing : 

This closing is an aluminum-zinc alloy buckle that is super strong, reliable and easy to use.


- very very easy to use. Very very strong !

- adjustable on Biothane collars

- easy to pun on and take of.

Con :

- heavy for a normal dog neck, when talking about the 38mm version ( the 25mm is lightweight !)

- not adjustable when you put it on paracord collars, so there your measurements have to be super on point !



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