How to clean your dog gear ?

How to clean your dog gear ?

Some simple advice to keep you dog gear clean and make it last as long as possible !

Paracord gear - collars, leashes, etc -  I recommend to be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. I usually wash mine together with a dog towel, or put them in an old pillow casing so the Hardware will not damage my machine. The more you wash Paracord, the more it will last! It can also be washed by hand, with a brush - just be careful that the brush does not chafe the cord. 

I recommend to keep paracord gear clean and dry!!!

PPM cord gearwe mostly have leashes made out of this material, and I 100% recommend them for when you need to get dirty. This material does well with moisture and being wet a long time. Same as paracord, I was PPM cord in the washing machine. The recommendations being the same!

The colors come back to life after every wash !!!

Biothane - is for sure the easiest to clean, just take it to the sink with some soap and a brush and it will be clean in no time !

If you have a mud monster, this is for you !



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