Maybe the most important part of Dog gear : HARDWARE !

Maybe the most important part of Dog gear : HARDWARE !

To be truthful I believe this is for sure the MOST important part of a product, it is the part that gives you first of all SAFETY, then finish and design !

1. O rings are used mostly on Loop Leashes and Martingale style collars. Our O rings are Cast and not welded, 3.5mm thick walls, and we have been using the same rings since 2016 when we first started on our horses and dogs alike.

In the below picture I will show you the difference between a cast ring and a welded ring:



!!! This is the motive behind we have not yet included Black finish on our Martingale collars and Leashes alike. Because these rings can not yet be found in Matt black . 

2. D rings are mostly used as a Leash ring on collars or fitting rings on biothane collar adaptors. And same as the O rings, they are cast and not welded. 

3. Carabiners 

We have a wide variety of carabiners in Nickel color and Black: 67 mm, 76 mm and 100 mm that take from 50 to 100 kg force braking point. and the Auto-lock carabiner that has 550 kg force braking point.


4. Closings  

We have Belt type buckles from 16mm to 38 mm in Nickel and Black finish.

And also we have the Cobra type buckle available now in Black and Silver finish for the 25mm and Black for 38mm. This closing has a 250-450 kg force braking force and is the most secure and easy to use of them all.

5. Rivets and Chicago Screws

These are probably the hardest little accessories to find in quality. We have a wide variety of widths and heights to fit every type of material and all number of lairs. Chicago screws are always secured with special glue, and Double cap rivets are always checked and pressed twice. 

All our little pieces come from Italy and are of the highest quality available on market !




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