What is the perfect leash model for your adventure ?

What is the perfect leash model for your adventure ?

And now my favorite part.

What leash models should we choose :

1. Simple leash :

Has a carabiner on one end an a handle on the other. Most common type of leash. Probably not as common for us actually. I would recommend it only to people that have it as a second leash or in an urban setting where they need control and a short leash. These are normally 1 - 1.5m long.

2. Traffic leash :

A more specific type of City leash, has 2 handles. One of them near the carabiner - for easy, quick and safe control of the dog in a tight-knit scenario. Normally 1.2 - 1.5m long.

3. Adjustable leash :

Normally 2-2.5m long, with a carabiner at each end and 3 ring to make it's size adjustable. As I like to say - it goes from long to short in a matter of seconds ! Best accessory to pair with any type of collar out there !

4. Loop leash :

The simple The loop leash is also known as a retriever leash or a slip leash. Loop leash is designed to be EASY to use, safe and super handy in all environments. The loop ring is flanked by 2 stoppers that make sure that you will not choke your dog and also that it will not open and let your dog escape. It goes on any type/size/style of dog, and age, anywhere ! This is why we love it !

5. Loop leash with a carabiner handle :

What this model ads to the one above is that the simple handle has a ring and carabiner that allows you to use it in many different ways, from : simple leash, adjustable leash, tie down leash, 2 dog leash, etc. This is for sure the model we always recommend. As it has everything you need and more !!!

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