More... About us

More... About us

As the end of the year 2021 is coming to an end I decided a blog post About us would be more than perfect to end this years notes !


My name is Ana and I am the founder behind Paracord for pets since 2016. 

What brought me to create and love paracord?

At first me and my partener Arthur just wanted to have some colorful Horse gear, halters, bridals, reins, etc. And so I started picking the internet for ideas! Best one I found included paracord.

I started to read about this material, test it, work with it and I absolutely adored it and all the possibilities it brought - from all the different braids, textures, widths, to a super variety in color and the most important of all THE STRENGTH OF PARACORD.

We have since then added a lot of new members to our family: 2 kids, 6 dogs and 2 horses. They all have tested, worn, worked and played with paracord and so I can declare is SAFE, STURDY and AMAZING !

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends !

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