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Twisted Sisters Dog Loop leash

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€30,00 EUR
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€30,00 EUR

Twisted sisters Loop leash is a unique model that can only be found in our shop. The advantage of this model is :

1. you can use 2 colors, and not settle on just 1 color cord 

2. you can separate the 2 leashes and use them on 2 dogs 

3. you have every other function given by our Loop Leash with carabiner handle !

Loop Leash with carabineer handle made from 2 different 10 mm PPM cords, with 2 stoppers, 2.5 m in length.

Loop leash is designed to be EASY to use, safe and super handy in all environments.

The 2 stoppers make sure that you will not choke your dog and also that you can stop it from opening. Also, with the help of the carabineer handle you can tie your dog up, or tie him to you, along with some other very helpful features !

 If you selected "other" colors, please email us :, and letus know what colors you would like ! or lets choose them together !

7 functions:

  • Simple retriever leash 
  • Use as a normal leash - tie the dog with the carabineer from the handle to his collar and use the loop as a handle 
  • Double secure the dog by his collar or harness
  • Tie 2 dogs at once
  • Tie your dog to an object 
  • Tie your dog to you - Hands-free leash 
  • Make a Haltie with the help of the metal stopper