What is and How to use a Loop Leash !?

What is and How to use a Loop Leash !?

Our most popular product is the Loop leash/ Slip leash/ Retriever leash, which we have developed in our own unique way - as it has a carabiner handle. 

We consider it to be the ultimate and best tool you could have in your possession at all time - and I will tell you why: 

What is a Loop leash ?

This leash has a ring on one end, with this ring you create a loop out of your leash.

This ring has a stopper on each side:

  • First Stopper is before the ring, it is a round metal stopper that is hard to more. This is for you to determine the width of your dogs neck, and stop the lead from chocking him.
  • Second stopper is a biothane one, this moves more freely and is designed to stop the loop from getting too big and falling off your dogs neck !

This is the general way to use any loop leash you encounter !

What is different about our loop leash ?

It has a carabiner and ring instead of a typical handle. And because of this our leash has multiple functions :

  1. Can be used as any simple Retriever leash, with 2 stoppers.
  2. You can walk 2 dogs with 1 leash. 1 tied up with the Loop leash, and the other with the carabiner from the handle.
  3. You can form a Haltie with the help of the metal stopper
  4. You can use it as a simple leash. Tie the dog by the collar with the carabiner, and use the Loop of the leash as a handle.
  5. With the carabiner by the handle you can tie the dog to you ( to your waist or over the shoulder
  6. You can double secure the dog - loop the leash on the neck and clip the carabiner on a harness.
  7. With the carabiner handle you can tie the dog up to an object

 See our video to explain every use: 

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