What's the perfect leash material for your dog - paracord for pets

What's the perfect leash material for your adventure?

I have owned dogs for about 13 years now. And I distinctly remember alway trying to find the perfect accessory!

Now, I have to honour of actually providing premium dog gear.

From my experience, the perfect dog leash is always a different one depending on what you are doing and where you are at. Not only the model and style but also the material used.

As I have started my endeavour into this world working with paracord, I will start to relay my ideas about this first. 

Paracord leashes :


  • long lasting, long life, very durable
  • strength is the biggest caracteristic. The only weak point is the carabiner ( so for strong dogs we recommend Auto-lock carabiner )
  • very customizable ( colors, length, model)
  • it can and should be machine washed



  • needs to be washed and dried properly. ( ex. Not suitable as a dog collar for all time outside dogs )
  • heavier than PPM cord


PPM cord

PPM cord came afterwards into our "family" and it revolutionised our view about Loop leashes. 

I recommend PPM cord to anyone that has an adventure dog. Anyone that is active or has a puppy, or is out and about often .


  • very light-weight, doesn't occupy a lot of space.
  • needs less maintenance than paracord
  • super strong and versatile
  • i love that rings go on knots and can be moved up and down and adjust to everyone's needs. 
  • it can and shoot be machine washed


  • can't think of one 😅


And the Biothane...

I was introduced to Bio from the horse world. And I have always known it as a Leather replacement.

Pro :

  • waterproof
  • stink proof
  • mud proof
The ultimate swamp monster leash and material !


Cons :

  • not so light
  • not super good for chewers


Hexa Biothane 

Not long ago I started taking Hexa Biothane orders, and testing it ourselves as well. We are very impressed by this material and I personally think it has a lot to offer. 

Pro :

  • waterproof
  • stink proof
  • mud proof
  • lighter than Biothane 
  • more flexible than Biothane 
  • better on the hands than Biothane 
  • more afordable 

The ultimate swamp monster leash and material !

Cons :

  • not as resistant as Biothane  
    • Breaking Strength for standard Bio: 454 kg vs. for Hexa Bio:  250 kg.
  • not super good for chewers
  • not as many color choices - if that can be a con 

Cotton Rope

Recently we also discovered the perfect urban dog material for leashes - Cotton Rope.


  • very very soft and easy on the hands
  • bio and eco friendly
  • comes in lovely colors


  • can not be left wet - it will mold !
  • can not be machine washed

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Very very true all of it. I walk my dogs since 2004. I never had dog accesories like yours. Very soft material, strong, durable and you have a lot of colors which make some of us insane with them. I love biothane the most because I have a dog who enjoy the grass very much and we spend time outside all of the year and wheather, so I needed something to wash it fast and not stay wet. I simply love the paracord with all the combination posible. Now I can’t wait to walk my dog with the cotton rope leash. 🥰 Thank you so much for being in our lives!

Diana Sulger

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