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Zokni braid Dog collar

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€17,00 EUR
Normál ár
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€17,00 EUR
Closing style

The Zokni collar is a hand-made collar from 550 Paracord.

It consists of a 1 color braid! 4 cm wide and aprox. 0.5 cm thick and we can recommend it for small/medium/large.

This is the first collar to be done by us in the Macrame style - and we just adore it !

Paracord is super strong, resistant and easy to clean. We recommend machine washing at 30 degrees or hand-washing, with good drying after !

The available closing is an adjustable type collar / a martingale type / a cobra style. For this you need to measure the middle of the neck and the circumference of the widest part of the head ( see photo).

if you choose "other" color: EMAIL US YOUR ORDER NUMBER + the color numbers you would like to be used!

Turn-out time : 10 days 

More details about the material and colors available HERE

More details about the closing style HERE